(In)security in security software: NetExtender 0-day analysis [EN]

Shotokan - mercoledì 20 Gennaio
VPN clients are used by most of the IT security experts, to either connect to a ‘restricted’ LAN or to anonymize & secure the traffic or again for many other reasons..But what happens if a VPN client can lead to a privilege escalation on the machine?

The easiest way(s) to pwn OSx [EN]

Shotokan - martedì 11 Agosto
Don’t get too excited, the following bugs are actually shitty bugs, nothing glorious like a Linux x86 Memory Sinkhole Privilege Escalation but still, they are a privilege escalation exploit and an SSH auth bypass exploit (working as of now 11/08/2015 in OSx 10.10.4).(Due to the ‘weight’ of this topic I’m gonna write this blog entry in English for the first time in the history of Aitch) (yay! international! \o/)

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